Log into the membership tool here!

Following are some of the features available through the membership tool:

  • An up-to-date member directory
  • Opportunities to connect with other members
  • Ability to pay invoices online
  • Ability to make PAC donations online
  • Ability to create a new membership or renew a membership online
  • Ability for the member billing contact to view all memberships in one profile if the organization has multiple memberships with IMHA

Enhancements will continue to be made to the tool so check back often. Please share any feedback about this tool with IMHA at admin@iamha.org.


Create Your Membership Profile (for members who are not the main billing contact)

  1. Go to https://iamha.site-ym.com
  2. Click on Register from the menu
  3. Select Member as the member type, then click continue
  4. Create a username and enter your organization’s name (username can be your email address or any format you choose)
  5. Complete the required fields including creating a password and any optional fields

Please allow 24 hours for your membership profile to be approved.

Become a Member

Our membership is based on the following categories and dues listed below.

  • Community: $6 per occupied site/per year ($100 minimum) – An owner/operator of a manufactured housing community. Community memberships are per property, not per owner/operator. One ownership group can own multiple community member properties. For an ownership group to be considered a member, all properties in the state of Iowa must be community members of IMHA.
  • Manufacturer: No annual fee; $150 per home shipped to Iowa – Manufacturer of new manufactured homes. 
  • Retailer: $350/per year plus $100 per single pre-owned home sold in Iowa and $150 per double home sold in Iowa – Seller of new and used manufactured homes. Retailers are required to obtain a license from the state of Iowa.
  • Associate: $150/per year – All other service providers (not listed below) or others interested in the manufactured housing industry.
  • Insurance/Finance: $250 /per year – Provides insurance and financial services for manufactured homeowners and community owners/operators.
  • Service/Repair: $125/per year – Provides service and repair services to manufactured homeowners and community owners/operators.
  • Supplier/Transporter: $200/per year – Provides transportation services to manufactured homeowners and community owners/operators.

Membership Benefits

  • Experienced staff provides expertise on best practices for navigating the manufactured housing industry in Iowa.
  • Access to resources, including IMHA’s resource library, model forms, and other best practice materials custom-developed for Iowa’s legal requirements.
  • Leverage IMHA’s advocacy to protect your business, including legislative monitoring, analysis, and engagement. IMHA is also a resource to engage executive branch officials at agencies like the Departments of Revenue and Natural Resources. Influence at the state level has provided – or prohibited – laws and regulations that directly impact your business. IMHA works hard to make Iowa the best state in America for manufactured housing.
  • Save on property/casualty liability insurance by accessing group rates available to IMHA members.
  • Learn about the industry in Iowa through IMHA’s newsletter, Annual Meeting, and other association events.